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Colostrum Powder

Colostrum is also known as MOTHER’S MILK, or IMMUNE MILK
Colostrum is a unique natural secretion produced at the beginning of lactation and designed by Nature to provide nutrition, growth factors and protection against disease to the newborn. Over the decades, it has been discovered that colostrum offers a wide spectrum of general health benefits for adults ranging from an enhancement of immunity to the improvement in physical fitness.

Cows, or ’Bovine’ Colostrum is virtually identical to that of humans and, in fact, contains a higher percentage of some of the more beneficial peptides, making colostrum a great health benefit that humans can derive from cows. The goal of this web site is to provides as much as possible reliable information about Bovine Colostrum and its applicability to human health.

The past 20 years has witnessed the publication of over 2000 research papers strongly supportive of both colostrum and its numerous components.  

Fore example, Colostrum has antioxidant properties, natural anti-inflammatory properties and is a source of many vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Bovine colostrum rebuilds the immune system, helps the body ward off foreign invaders, accelerates healing of all body tissue, increases bone and lean muscle mass and replenishes an aging system.

There are five classes of immunoglobulins found in all mammals (including humans) which begin with the abbreviation "Ig" and are distinguished with the capital letters A, D, E, G and M. Each class has its own unique amino acid chain structure, specific function and ability to attach to, penetrate, destroy or immobilize a specific antigen. Colostrum contains all five Immunoglobulins. IgA is found in blood serum, and especially in saliva, tears and the mucous membranes of the respiratory and GI tract where most invading organisms make their first contact with the human body. IgG is the most abundant immunoglobulin found in bovine colostrum. It is carried in the lymphatic and circulatory systems where it helps to neutralize toxins and other unwanted invader. IgD and IgE are highly antiviral and IgM is a powerful bacterial fighter.

In addition to Immunoglobulins, the most important components of colostrum can basically be broken down into four major categories: growth factors, immune system factors, cytokine precursors or Proline-Rich Polypeptides, and nutritional components.

Colostrum Center provides reliable references on the applicability of bovine colostrum to human health.

Colostrum is the first milk secreted by a mammal after giving birth and is extremely important to the health of the child. In some cases it may be consumed in liquid, capsule, and powder forms.

Colostrum powder is usually made from bovine colostrum because that variety is the only one that is not species specific. Colostrum obtained from the initial milking undergoes stringent processes in manufacturing colostrum powder in order to avoid loss of nutritional benefits.

Colostrum powder is especially helpful to those who want to make use of the growth factors available in colostrum. Since the powder dissolves in water quickly, the growth factors are immediately available to the body. Also, when colostrum is taken in powder form, growth factors are enhanced by contact with saliva and stomach acids. According to research, these growth factors increase cell re-growth and decrease the signs of ageing. They also increase stamina and strength. This is one of the reasons athletes and body builders prefer to take the colostrum in powder form.

Colostrum powder can also be mixed in a liquid suspension, milk, or in the regular drinking water or with dry fruit. To serve bovine colostrum to your pets, sprinkle the powder per your vet's prescription.

In manufacturing colostrum powder, bovine colostrum is taken from many different dairy farms. The raw colostrum obtained from these farms is then blended together. This offers the user a very broad spectrum on immunogoblins.

Colostrum obtained by artificial means should be consumed only when mother's milk is insufficient to meet the colostrum needs of her offspring. Because for every species, including human beings, colostrum obtained from mother is the best food the nature can offer.

How Does Colostrum Strengthen Your Immune System?

In humans, the development of the immune system begins before birth with the transfer of antibodies and other immune factors via the mother's placenta. Immediately after birth, the mother continues to develop and strengthen immune system function of her newborn through the production of colostrum, a special type of breast milk produced during the first few days of life.

Packed within this sticky, pre-milk substance are the antibodies, immune factors, and immunoglobulins necessary to further aid in immune system development and actively strengthen immune system response. In the absence of disease or prolonged illness, the condition of our immune systems from here will be largely determined by our environment, activity level, and diet.

As we get older, or as greater environmental or physical demands are placed on our bodies, adequate nutrition becomes more important in ensuring that our immune systems are not compromised. For an ever-increasing number of us, though, proper nutrition doesn’t jive with the foods we eat, and dietary supplementation is often used to pick up the slack where our diets fail.

It is not surprising, then, that research into colostrum was initially aimed at determining its value as a dietary or nutritional supplement. From this research, we now know that the same immune factors in colostrum that are so beneficial in developing the immune systems of infants also have beneficial effects on the immune systems of older children and adults. For people of all ages, colostrum is a safe, natural, and effective way to maintain immune system health and strengthen immune system function.

But where can we get colostrum? As humans, it may seem strange at first that colostrum produced by cows would provide the same benefits for humans than it does for baby cows. But it’s true. Cows are more than ‘outstanding in their field,’ they are the producers of the only form of colostrum that is not specific to their own species.

This means that bovine colostrum contains all the immune and growth factors that found in the colostrum of all other lactating mammals, and that these factors can provide passive immunity to virtually all mammals who consume it—including humans. In using bovine colostrum as a supplement, humans get immunoglobulins and growth factors to help strengthen immune system performance, and several other immune factors that help strengthen immune system response.

Our immune system has two main lines of defense, and bovine colostrum supplementation is beneficial in the maintenance and strengthening of both of them. The first line of defense is called the innate immune system, and the second is called the adaptive immune system. The innate immune system is a non-targeted response that is effective for protecting the body against most invaders.

The skin and intestinal lining are part of the innate immune system because they act as barrier to most infective agents—the skin keeps them from getting into the body, and the intestinal lining keeps them from getting out of the gut. The adaptive immune system produces a targeted response to an invader by forming antibodies specifically for its neutralization.

The immunoglobulins in bovine colostrum strengthen immune system performance by coating the inner walls of the intestines, preventing the passage of pathogens and toxins through them. These same immunoglobulins also serve as ready-made antibodies in the adaptive immune system that can help strengthen immune system response.

The growth factors in bovine colostrum work in the innate immune system to repair broken skin and connective tissues, while the various immune factors work on both sides, aiding in the function of immunoglobulins and growth factors, and orchestrating the activity of other immune system components.

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Colostrum - Nature's Perfect Food For Newborns And Adults

fter the miracle of birth, nature provides a second miracle: colostrum.

Colostrum is the first nourishment that nature provides to a nursing baby, whether it be a human baby, a calf or a kitten. It is considered "the perfect food" because it is so easy to digest that it is immediately absorbed by the immature digestive tract.

Balanced with all the protein, fats, and carbohydrates the newborn needs for energy and weight maintenance, Colostrum also gives to the infant all of its mother's immunity. After about three days, it is replaced with mother's nourishing milk; but immunity continues throughout the nursing period and other benefits may continue through to adulthood.

Until recently, infants were the only ones who could take advantage of the natural immunity and health benefits of colostrum. But that has changed.

Referred to by one source as a "super-nutrient", colostrum is fast becoming recognized as a way to assure health and immunity. Over 100 separate studies have proven that adults' immune systems can be "reprogrammed" to become healthier with a daily supplement of bovine colostrum.

According to aboutcolostrum.com, "Bovine colostrum is nearly identical to human colostrum, but... is four times richer in immune factors than human colostrum. [It]... helps inhibit the binding of pathogens to the bowel lining, so they are unable to proliferate. "

What this means is that the viruses, bacteria and fungi that invade our intestinal tracts are unable to get a foothold and may be ejected from the body without doing damage.

Additionally, colostrum is low in fat and lactose, making it a potentially safe supplement for those who are lactose intolerant, and a good choice for those who are cutting fat calories, according to a publication of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce (Note: New Zealand is a major producer of bovine colostrum.)

Colostrum's immunization properties come from two sources: heightened levels of immunoglobulins A, G, M and E, all of which occur naturally in the human immune system; and Proline-rich Polypeptide, "a hormone that regulates the thymus gland... [and helps] stimulate an underactive immune system or calm an overactive immune system."

With "regular consumption" of colostrum, the thymus gland, which naturally shrinks as we age (up to 90% by age 40!), has actually been shown to "re-grow" to more youthful proportions. This re-growth has been shown to reduce symptoms due to allergic reactions, chronic fatigue syndrome and autoimmune diseases.

Lactoferrin is another natural nutrient in colostrum. In infants, it helps prevent jaundice and, in adults, it has been shown to "support red cell integrity". Lactoferrin, therefore, may promote youthful cell regeneration, thereby slowing the aging process.

Colostrum with Lactoferrin is a natural product, easily digested and tolerated, with no known side effects, which promotes anti-aging, enhances immunity, and increases energy. Truly nature's perfect food.